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I offer in-person training at Self-Made, an elite training facility located in San Marcos, CA. As a fitness professional it’s my job to create an exercise and nutrition plan based on your ability level, schedule, goals, and preferences. Whether you’re looking for fat-loss, building muscle, or improving your ability to perform well in everyday life, your continued success is my primary goal.

My number 1 priority as your coach is to see you succeed. Therefore, my 1-1 training packages include a customized nutrition plan that’s customized specific to your goals, eating history, likes, and dislikes.

Additionally, one of the ways that I will track and manage your progress is through progress photos and an InBody Test. A device that provides me with a proper assessment of your body composition with a printed results sheet detailing your weight, lean muscle mass, body % fat, etc.

Who is this program for? Anyone of any age, sex, and stage of life. I’m here to create amazing results that last. Personal training is my passion and I am 100% dedicated to my clients’ success. All I ask from you is that you give me back that same level of dedication to the plan I create for you.

With lasting results there is no quick fix. Transforming your body takes time, consistency and discipline. Health is always my top priority. This means no crash diets, no fad detox’s and no “miracle fat burning pills”. By maintaining a healthy diet, training with intensity, your dedication, and being patient, you will have results.

Fitness should never feel like punishment. As a trainer, it’s a goal of mine to have my clients to look forward to their workouts every day. Sure, you will have to display some discipline if you want to change, but in doing so, you should never feel miserable or unhappy. Everyone deserves to wake up feeling happy and confident and my goal is to help each and every one of my clients accomplish that.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, and we'll set up a free 1-hour training session!