Is fasted cardio better for fatloss?

Fasted cardio.. is it really better for fat loss? 
Fasted cardio is a very popular fat loss strategy due to the idea that by not eating breakfast before doing cardio your body will be more likely to use stored fat as energy.

Plenty of research has demonstrated that fasted cardio is not better for fat loss and can even have negative effects such as increased appetite and decreases in metabolism, when compared to normal cardio. Additionally, after fasting overnight your blood glucose levels are low and your body increases cortisol. What cortisol does is breaks down muscle tissue to free up amino acids that can be converted into glucose, as glucose is the primary fuel source for your brain and red blood cells. Research has shown that consuming carbs before working out can reduce the increase in cortisol, ultimately resulting in less muscle loss.

I think people tend to forget that you can't look at overall fat loss from just one part of the day, especially because your body is constantly switching which fuel source it uses. In fact, research has shown that if your body uses more fat for fuel during a given time it will compensate by using more carbs for energy later in the day. So even if your body does burn more fat during fasted cardio this won't equate to greater fat loss over time.
Im not saying not to do fasted cardio, I'm just saying it does not appear to be superior for fat loss based on scientific evidence. If you like it and it works for you than awesome 👍🏽

taylor summer