How to properly do rows

Fit Tip —> 👌🏼 Bent over dumbbell rows are a great exercise for targeting your lats but a common mistake I see is people using their biceps too much. 
🙅🏼‍♀️In the top picture I’m pulling the dumbbell straight up, which still works your lats, but you get a lot of biceps involvement as well. 
💅🏼In the bottom picture rather than pulling straight up, I’m pulling back and up in a more circular motion. This will make the exercise harder and place more tension on the lats, ultimately giving you better results.
Swipe to check out a video to see how a good rep should be done. Notice how far back to my hips I’m pulling the dumbbell. You should notice a huge difference doing it this way 🙌🏻

taylor summer