Why bikini competitors should get blood-work


For all my competitor friends. As you know dieting for a prolonged period of time can be very hard on your body. It's not uncommon for female competitors to lose their period due to inadequate calorie intake and high energy expenditure. When you aren't eating enough calories there's physiological consequences that begin to happen including metabolic and hormonal changes. 

Although I never lost my period, I did have a couple months towards the end where it was  very irregular. I wanted to get bloodwork done to test my hormones to see where I stand. I wish I had gotten it done right before my show, but the idea to get it done didn't come to me until 4 weeks post-competing. According to my results everything came back normal so I seemed to recover really well. But this can very greatly from person to person depending on how low their calories got, duration of dieting, and body fat percentage.

If your close to show I recommend getting it done so you can LEARN YOUR BODY and what happens to it when your in a deep dieting phase close to a show. So then when your in your off-season and ready to to start prep again you can get blood work done again and have the physical evidence that your body is even ready in the first place. Just because you feel ready does NOT mean your body is..

I have quite a few friends that have started prep and their bodies literally refuse to lose any fat because their bodies have not recovered from their previous competition preps. That's why it's always good to get more of an objective sense of where your body stands in regards to being ready to diet, and bloodwork will do just that!

If you want bloodwork in an easy private way you can pay for the "female bodybuilding" option for $60 through privatemdlabs.com it's so easy you just pick a location near you, go in and out and the results come the next day! (This is absolutely not sponsored! I'm just informing you of the easiest cheapest way I've found and saves you the hassle of explaining to a doctor) Feel free to Email me if you're having any trouble getting it! 

I can't stress enough how important it is to put your health first and take care of your body.

taylor summer