Stop doing this while training glutes!

anterior p.jpg

I've known people who have been told to stick their butts out when training glutes so I wanted to put this photo together to offer an example as you why that's not a good idea. Here I I'm performing a banded hip extension exercise. In the example on the left I'm sticking my butt out, defaulting into an anterior pelvic tilt, like most people would do. As soon as I initiate the rep I get an arch in my lower back. For this exercise we are focusing on hip extension/flexion to target the glutes, not lumbar flexion/extension. The goal is to only have movement at the hip joint because movement anywhere else will recruit other muscles, which means less tension will be on the glutes. Now on the right side I'm performing the exercise with a neutral spine and pelvis, only allowing movement at the hips in order to properly target the glutes. You can see the drastic difference in my form with this comparison. If you can get this technique down you will notice a huge difference in the amount of tension on the glutes, ultimately making the exercise more effective. The details of your training are so important because little things like this often go unnoticed but that's also why it's helpful to be trained by someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

taylor summer