Is your desk job limiting your glute gains?

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Some of you may be doing "glute warm ups" before you train, but just because you're doing the motion doesn't necessarily mean you're activating your glutes effectively. 

For example, my client was doing side steps with a band. When done correctly, (pressure in your heels, sitting back, & knees pointed out) these should BURN the sides of your butt. 

When we made adjustments, even though she was doing the motions she still couldn't feel it in her glutes. 

This is because she has a full time desk job where she sits, and when you are in the sitting position your hip flexors become overactive. (Your hips flexors are the opposing muscles to the glutes) and when these become overactive your glutes become underactive and this in turn, limits glute activation. 

A way to improve this is by stretching out your hip flexors. Most of you ladies have a habit of sticking your butts outs causing an anterior pelvic tilt which can be making your hip flexors even more tight.

I noticed my hips would always be extremely tight after practicing posing for bikini comps. There was a time where I couldn’t even deadlift or squat because they were so tight. Just be cautious if you’re doing a lot of posing, sitting at a desk all day, or even taking selfies poppin’ that booty out! 

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