I'm Taylor! I’m an online fitness coach, personal trainer, girl boss, animal lover, free spirit, and lover of all things health and wellness.

I believe that all women deserve to feel empowered, strong, and confident.

Living a fit lifestyle and maintaining a happy and healthy life doesn’t mean that you have to give up the things you love.

In fact, I believe dieting doesn’t work, lifestyle changes do.

I help women from all over the world unlock their true potential, achieve their weight loss goals, and create a healthy lifestyle through my 1-1 personalized fitness and nutrition coaching.

It’s my PASSION to create a successful plan that’s tailored specifically for you, to feel and look your best-- all while supporting, educating, and inspiring you through the process.

I am on a mission to enhance the lives of women who are ready to find health and happiness through a balanced lifestyle.

You can get ready for increased self confidence, a peace of mind that what you’re doing will give you the best results to achieve your desired body, and most importantly a new positive mindset.

Your transformation starts here, with you!

When you lose your excuses, you find results.

My approach to online training goes much deeper than simply macros and workouts. It’s very holistic in nature as it covers things like stress, digestion priming, sleep quality, meditation, emotional eating, gut health, stimulant usage and much more. My underlying goal is to optimize all areas of human physiology that pertain to health, fat loss, and muscle building in order to help you overcome any struggles that are keeping you from reaching your goals.  Often times my training and nutrition protocols are dynamic in that they take into account daily/weekly changes in everyday life - your macros and/or workouts can change often! I do this because so many factors such as changes in stress levels can affect your ability to see progress. Maybe it’s finals week and your stress levels are abnormally high, in which case it may be counterproductive to have an intense week of training and dieting so we might switch gears that week to focus more on recovery and stress reduction. Despite my approach being backed by an overwhelming amount of scientific research, some of my methods may seems a bit foreign so keeping an open mind and asking questions is a huge part of my clients’ success.